The artist

James Turrell

For over half a century, American artist James Turrell has worked directly with light and space to create artworks that engage viewers with the limits and wonder of human perception. An avid pilot who has logged over twelve thousand flying hours, Turrell considers the sky as his studio, material, and canvas. Turrell’s medium is pure light. He says, “My work has no object, no image, and no focus. With no object, no image, and no focus, what are you looking at? You are looking at yourself looking. What is important to me is to create an experience of wordless thought.”

OUR COLLABORATION with James Turell first gave birth to Crystal Light. "In this light panel, specially created for Lalique, the colour sequences trigger vibrations. As in my other works, this ripple effect is intended to draw the viewer into an intimacy that is both open and closed, offering a paradigm of life." James Turrell. The collaboration continues with Range Rider and Purple Sage, two crystal perfume bottles. These are genuine works of art, entirely handmade, with pure geometric shapes in polished coloured crystal. A break with the traditional approach in the creation of Lalique bottles.